Community Synagogue of Rye

The Community Synagogue of Rye (CSR) called on the expertise of About the Work to actualize their vision of an inspiring worship space on a modest budget. CSR had previously commissioned award-winning architects Rogers Partners to design a space that integrated worship, learning, and community. Once on board the About the Work team led the CSR building committee and Rogers Partners through a strategic design and construction process to achieve an awe-inspiring space that CSR would flourish in.

Beyond its beauty, the addition and renovations transformed the existing 1960s structure into a secure and highly functional worship and community space for CSR families. Meeting—and surpassing—expectations. The Early Childhood Center remained open and functional throughout the construction, and CSR successfully reopened on schedule for worship services and community events in Fall of 2018. The outcome is a building that breathtakingly aligns with the mission and values of the CSR community.

About CSR

The Community Synagogue of Rye seeks to be a center for spiritual transformation, to foster the creation of sacred relationships, and to give people the tools and resources to be God's partner in healing the world. It is a thriving community synagogue and educational space in the heart of Rye, NY.


Deliver a transformative project on budget.