Green-Wood Cemetery Education and Welcome Center

Green-Wood selected About the Work as their owner’s representative mid-way through their multi-phased project because About the Work offered something that other companies did not—a day to day team leader who had been a client for over $500 million in complex urban non-profit development projects. Faye Premer’s experience enabled her to understand Green-Wood’s needs and develop a path mid-way through the project, which will result in the successful completion of the Visitor’s Center. Their work to date has included reviewing the project history, documents, future use, budget, city funding and governmental approvals required. This has been carried out while implementing the necessary leadership, compliance and controls to complete the first phase and establish and execute upon the second phase of the Visitor’s Center.

The project's first phase, designed by Page Ayres Cowley Architects and Arup, is currently underway and will combine with the second phase of the project completing the Green-Wood Cemetery Visitor’s Center. The Center will serve to celebrate and preserve the art, architecture, landscaping and history of this culturally significant Brooklyn institution.

About Green-Wood

Green-Wood is a 478 acre National Historic Landmark founded in 1838 as a rural cemetery that has transitioned into a cultural Landmark known for its beautiful landscapes and sculptures. Green-Wood features buildings by Warren and Wetmore, Richard Upjohn and more recently Platt Bayard Dovell White. As Green-Wood evolved from a rural cemetery into a Brooklyn cultural institution, they went on to purchase the Weir Greenhouse in February 2012. Green-wood intends to restore the greenhouse, designed by George Curtis Gillespie and built in 1895 by James Weir, Jr., and transform it into the Green-Wood Cemetery Visitor’s Center. Green-Wood currently sees over a quarter of a million visitors per year, who come to immerse themselves in the historic landscape of this cultural institution.

Weir Greenhouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a designated New York City Landmark. The Greenhouse is located across the street from the cemetery which had previously been privately owned. The first phase of Green-Wood Cemetery’s Visitor’s Center includes the preservation and restoration of the building to its 1895 appearance.


Provide the leadership required to envision, re-structure and successfully complete the Green-Wood Cemetery Visitor’s Center